The Icon Laser Can Help You Reduce the Appearance of Wrinkles this Spring

It used to be that once you reached a certain age and wrinkles started lining your face, you needed surgery to tighten your skin and smooth away the effects of aging. Surgery works. But the expense, pain, and long recovery time afterward makes it a poor choice for many who would like to fight back against the skin changes associated with aging.

Today, the Icon™ fractional laser can reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles in just one treatment -- without surgery, needles, or a long recovery time. Cyrus Lavian, MD, is a board-certified internal medicine specialist who offers Icon laser treatments here at his busy practice, Valley Medical Urgent Care in Panorama City, California.

This talented specialist is quite pleased with the impressive results his patients are experiencing with Icon.

How the Icon works

The Icon uses advanced fractional laser technology to deliver energy deep into your skin. This interaction stimulates your body’s natural healing process and enhances its ability to generate new tissue to replace the old. For you, that means healthier, younger-looking skin and a significant reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. The procedure is safe, and perhaps best of all, it provides stellar results without the need for surgery.

The Icon is different from other skin-resurfacing lasers

The Icon uses fractionated laser energy rather than a solid stream of light energy to address cosmetic flaws. The light from the Icon laser is broken up into thousands of tiny beams before it reaches your skin. This action leaves behind columns of intact tissue in the targeted treatment areas, which greatly reduces recovery time and the discomfort noted after traditional laser resurfacing.

As a physician, Dr. Lavian appreciates that the Icon provides effective results without causing his patients unnecessary discomfort or a lengthy healing process. He also enjoys the diversity of the Icon platform, which can be used to improve the appearance of multiple skin flaws.

The Icon treats a variety of skin issues

As a skin-resurfacing tool, the Icon fractionated laser system can address numerous problems, including:

The Icon fractionated laser action also improves your skin’s tone and texture as it addresses these troublesome skin issues.

What an Icon treatment session is like

Before scheduling your session, Dr. Lavian meets with you to examine your skin and discuss your goals and treatment expectations. He also carefully reviews your medical history, medications or supplements you take, and the types of skincare products you use regularly. It’s important to be accurate during this review, since it may be necessary to discontinue certain products for a short time before and after your Icon treatment.

Otherwise, Icon treatments are considered safe for all skin types, and depending on the area being treated, they take 30-60 minutes to complete. Dr. Lavian may recommend use of a topical numbing product before beginning your treatment. Most patients report only mild discomfort during a session that’s generally very well-tolerated.

Once you’re ready to begin, Dr. Lavian delivers the fractionated laser energy via a small handheld device that he moves quickly over the surface of the skin. You’ll wear goggles throughout the procedure to cover and protect your eyes from the intense laser light.

You may notice some tenderness and mild redness following a treatment, much like what you’d experience with a sunburn. This fades relatively quickly however, with full recovery typically taking less than four days. Dr. Lavian also provides detailed instructions regarding caring for your skin afterward, which may need a little pampering as it heals.

Schedule a visit today with Dr. Lavian at Valley Medical Urgent Care to find out more about the Icon and how it can transform aging skin. Call the office or book your visit online.

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