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Bumps, burns, and other common household injuries can happen to even the most careful people. But a minor injury shouldn’t mean that you have to spend an inordinate amount of time in an ER waiting room just to get some stitches. At Valley Medical Urgent Care, Cyrus Lavian, MD, provides prompt and professional minor surgical procedures for his patients, including sutures and setting fractures. For more information about walk-ins or to set up an appointment, call the office in Panorama City, California, today or make an appointment online.

Minor Surgical Procedures Q & A

What minor surgical procedures are available?

At Valley Medical Urgent Care, you can get treatment for most injuries that result from common household accidents. Small lacerations and cuts, burns, and fractures can all be treated in-house.

How do I know if I need stitches?

While small nicks and cuts are often no cause for worry, you should seek medical attention if:

  • The cut is more than a quarter-inch deep
  • The cut was caused by a dirty or rusty object
  • The cut makes fat, bone, or muscle visible or exposes a joint
  • You have cosmetic concerns about how the wound will heal
  • The cut won’t stop bleeding after 10 minutes of pressure

If you meet any of these criteria, your injury will likely not heal on its own and your risk of infection is dramatically raised, so you should seek medical attention immediately.

How do I know if a burn is bad enough to see a doctor?

Burns are among the most common household injuries, and they can range from a minor annoyance to a debilitating injury. Superficial burns that affect only the top layer of skin are usually not serious enough to warrant a trip to the doctor, but when the burns penetrate deeper, you may need attention. Signs you should see a doctor include:

  • A burn that covers the hand, face, feet, or major joint
  • Burns that penetrate the skin, especially caused by prolonged exposure to heat
  • Burns that cause the skin to look leathery
  • Burns that appear charred, or flecked with black and white
  • Burns caused by chemicals, radiation, or electricity

While extremely serious or life-threatening burns should be treated at an emergency center, most burns can be treated with proper first aid, effective bandaging, and infection prevention.

How do I know if I have a fracture?

The only way to determine whether you have a fracture is to take an X-ray, but there are several signs you can look out for. Symptoms of a fracture include:

  • Deep bruising
  • Swelling
  • Deformity of the bone
  • Crepitus, the feeling of broken bone beneath the skin

Depending on the severity of the fracture, it can be set by a doctor or require more direct treatment. Regardless of the fracture’s severity, you should always see a doctor for an examination if you believe you’ve broken a bone.

For treatment of all your minor household emergencies, visit Valley Medical Urgent Care today.